Monday, 29 July 2013

Gigi LaMayne, the youngest and only Female, Hits Finals of SPRITE UNCONTAINABLE 2013!!!!

As the only female in the emcee category, Miss LaMayne seems to be taking the cypher and entertainment world by storm. As the youngest participant in the competition, she has finally made it to the finals of the annual Sprite Uncontainable Hip Hop Challenge 2013 alongside some of the industry's biggest heavy weights.

With an exhilarating and interactive crowd, it is no wonder contestants felt the urge to give off a top notch performance. To the crowd, it seemed like a complex decision however to our panel of expert judges and advisers, this seemed a little too easy. Feelings ranged from disbelieve to acceptance as the chosen finalists slowly made their way onto centre stage, Gigi The youngest in age, and smallest in stature forming part of the group of four finalists.

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The finals are due to be held at the Zone 6 Venue in Diepkloof on the 25th of August. Amongst the panel of judges is renowned Hip Hop phenom, Reason. "I cant say anything else except kill it." These were his words prior to the somewhat diversified cypher. This surely begins to reflect the extreme hard working ethic of this youngsta. Its no wonder we are hearing a lot from her. @Team_LaMayne

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Gigi LaMayne- Semi-finalist of Sprite Uncontainable Emcee Competition 2013

She has done it again. With a difficult yet progressive year, Gigi LaMayne has managed to secure a spot as a semi-finalist on Sprites' second annual "Uncontainable" Competition. As the only female, and youngest competitor ever, one can definitely say that this young beauty continues to push for the inevitable with a cause. "I'm excited by hella scared. You cannot even imagine."

This young extraordinary individual sets the mark for individuals, who through complex circumstances, still continue to live out and realize beyond their dreams. South Africa has been a country struggling to re-surface through its female emcee exposure. Could Miss LaMayne be the answer for females without a voice in the Hip Hop realm???

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Female Hip Hop Sensation Gigi LaMayne to Perform At Hynotik Youth Festival Swaziland

Female Rap Artist, Gigi LaMayne is set to perform on Saturday 6 July at one of Swazilands' biggest Hip Hop events to date, The Hipnotik Youth Festival, alongside rap kings, Prokid, Red Button, CashTime fam and The Reps-To name a few( At such a tender age, it is difficult to stipulate that this young female has hit so many multitudes of success so early in her life.

With this being said, a strong PR Manager and Promoter, family and team, Gigi is set to Blur the scene all over Southern Africa this year. With Thanks to Mixmasters, Kamikazi Entertainment, The Audio Restaurant and a strong team to name a few, the young starlet continues to set the bar as one of the youngest female Hip Hop musicians, to hit the scene. While deciding on her outfit for a meeting she says:
  "I haven't had enough yet. If there's anything I have to do, that will be to emancipate each and every underdog subject to a haunting background".

 While searching on search engines and social networking sites, Hip Hop publications and radio and TV broadcasting corporations, one cannot ignore the strong presence of this entertainer. With a down to earth personality, a humble twist to her character and a huge confident blast on stage, It is with no doubt that we will be hearing lots more from this little girl in "chucks".