Friday, 28 June 2013

J-Twinn releases His First EVER sinlge

 Popcorn and Liquor #P&L- A new swing to Hip Hop

The 27th Of July 2013 Saw the release of a phenomenal mono-lane style single by 20 year old J-Twinn-producer and Hip Hop musician. In accord with his birthday, much anticipation was prevalent amongst fans alike. In releasing a very unusual cover, supporters alike agreed on its originality and creativity "I like the art here, interesting I must say.The track was released on and and manages to consistently climb online charts.

J-Twinn is also producer to Gigi LaMayne, female rap artist, TQ, of Hype magazine editorial team as well as himself in the present.

Link :
J Twinn: The new Phenom. Free download right here!!! Tell us what you think.